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Baby drinking from a bottle

Raising a healthy eater for life: Baby food

Nutritionist and health educator, David Leal, answers some of the most commonly asked questions about baby food to help you raise a healthy eater for life.

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Hungry, angry, man

You Asked: Why do I get ‘hangry?’

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Has someone ever told you this? When we don’t eat often enough it’s harder for our brain to control our aggressive impulses. Surprisingly, “hangry,” isn’t just millennial slang. It’s actual science.

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Baby eating solid food

You Asked: Why is my child a picky eater?

Rare is the child who becomes excited at the sight of broccoli on their plate. No parent wants to fight a battle at the dinner table, but for many families, enticing children to eat a healthy meal is a daily struggle. So, is picky eating a normal part of growing up? Or does it hint at deeper problems?

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Close up of a young woman taking a bit out of a piece of pizza.

You asked: Should I go gluten free?

“Gluten” has become quite the buzzword in the dieting community, but is a gluten-free diet really the way to go? Experts with the Texas A&M Health Science Center discuss who should go on the diet and why.

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Woman with nutrition label on her face

Infographic: Decoding the nutrition label

The nutrition facts label, generally found on the side or back of food and beverage packaging, has loads of information that often times we may not understand. But let's be clear, we need to know how many calories we're consuming, what to eat more and less of and understand what could be lurking inside. This guide will help you make the best food choices for your health.

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Which is better: Diet or regular soda?

Deciding between diet soda and its full-calorie counterpart might seem like an easy way to cut calories, but many people watching their weight are confused, says the Texas A&M Health Science Center Coastal Bend Health Education Center.

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Cutting board with protein alternatives

10 protein-rich alternatives for a meatless diet

Meat is a major source of protein for many Americans, but a growing number of people are opting to go meatless for personal or religious beliefs, or in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Still, protein is a dietary necessity that vegetarians must incorporate into their meals through alternate sources. David Leal, with the Texas A&M Coastal Bend Health Education Center, offers an overview of some lesser-known sources of protein.

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Tuna sandwich sitting on a plate, with chopped vegetables in the background

Q&A: Fads, frauds, and the true secrets of dieting success

Every popular diet has a theory about why it works, but what diets actually do work? Dr. Kory Gill speaks about popular fad diets, what the data actually says, and what all workable weight loss strategies have in common.

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A bowl of granola cereal, with berries on top

When “healthy” is unhealthy: Tips for making the right choice at the store

Take a stroll around your local grocery store and it’s evident that healthy is “in.” As the public becomes more aware that overall health starts with what we put into our bodies, food producers and manufacturers have begun marketing their products with enticing labels such as “good source of fiber,” “low fat” and “sugar free.” While these words seem like good indicators that we’re making health-conscious choices, they can also be red herrings.

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