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Women vs. men: Heart attack symptoms

When it comes to identifying heart attack symptoms in women and men, often times they are very different. Many women fail to recognize the warning signs because women’s symptoms are often elusive and can go unidentified.

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Infographic listing the side effects of

Q&A: Are smartphones a pain in the neck, literally?

While modern technology has many benefits, it can also cause some serious health issues. Bending your head to look at your smartphone puts lots of extra stress on your spine and can result in permanent harm. We sat down with Ranjana Mehta, Ph.D., assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, to find out more about the growing “text neck” epidemic.

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Holiday stress: How to keep the joy alive during the holidays

The weather is cooler, the scents of pine and cinnamon fill the air and holiday music has begun its annual takeover of radio stations. Holidays are a joyous time,

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Enjoy responsibly: How to eat holiday foods without guilt

Nutritionist and health educator, David Leal, provides his top five tips for staying healthy throughout the holidays.

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5 Things you didn’t know about diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! There are a lot assumptions about diabetes, which can be detrimental for diabetes awareness. Clearing the air of misinformation is the first step towards promoting awareness and helping manage this silent killer.

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Are you making the most out of your pharmacy?

Your pharmacist is more than someone in a white lab-coat at your local drug store; they possess an intimate knowledge of pharmacology and can help you make the most of your treatment plan. Finding the right pharmacy for you can help you gain more control over your treatment and care.

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Healthy teeth for kids: 3 pointers every parent should know

Make sure your child's dental health is as sparkling as his or her new school supplies in this back-to-school season.

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5 tips to get back to school with less stress

Parents can help ease the transition back to school with these simple strategies.

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Texas A&M dentists advocate fluoridated water

Without even thinking about it, millions of Americans improve their oral health simply by turning on the tap. That is due to the benefits of fluoride, which occurs naturally in water and is known to harden tooth enamel and help prevent cavities.

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