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Innovative colorectal cancer screening program meets quality standards

New research from the Texas A&M Health Science Center indicates that colonoscopy in a family medicine residency met or exceeded recommended quality standards set forth by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and was therefore, comparable to those of specialists.

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Uncovering the secrets of peroxisomes

Scientists at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Institute of Biosciences and Technology (IBT) in Houston have solved one of the great mysteries of cell biology: the regulation of peroxisomes.

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Can stem cells cause and cure cancer?

The future of cancer therapy may lie in the very stem cells that cause cancer in the first place. Researchers at the Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology are studying how stem cells that cause cancer come out of dormancy and become active. If they can keep the cells dormant, they can ultimately prevent cancer from forming.

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You are what you eat? Food fights disease

Dashwood explores how to take the most beneficial parts of food and use them to fight cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

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Q&A: Why doctors, insurers and patients grapple over cancer screenings

Dealing with medical tests can be tricky, especially when doctors and insurers recommend different courses of action. We sat down with A. Nelson Avery, M.D., director of the General Preventive Medicine Residency Program at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, to find out why patients sometimes can’t get screening tests their doctors recommend, and how patients can ensure they’re getting the care that will be best for their health.

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Dentist, surgeon begins new era in treating head and neck cancers

Dr. David Kang, assistant professor in oral and maxillofacial surgery, joined Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry as its first head and neck oncologic and microvascular reconstructive surgeon.

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A collaborative approach to cancer research leads to more than $6 million in CPRIT funding for TAMHSC

The power of team science has landed Texas A&M Health Science Center more than $6.3 million in research funding to further study cancer treatment therapies. It comes at a crucial time in the U.S., as there are an estimated 1.6 million new cancer cases that will be diagnosed in 2015 alone, with nearly 600,000 cancer deaths.

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Renaissance of natural products-based drug research gains momentum with international partnerships and a focus on anti-infective agents

While natural products form the basis of more than half of the therapeutic drugs on the market today, this research arena is experiencing a modern-day renaissance, thanks to advances in synthetic and analytic chemistry, as well as to the major advances in molecular biology and genomics.

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Head of Texas A&M IBT Earns Coveted Award from Sigma Xi

Cheryl Lyn Walker, Ph.D., Welch Chair of Chemistry and director of the Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology, was recently named Outstanding Distinguished Scientist for 2015 by the Texas A&M University Chapter of Sigma Xi. The coveted award is bestowed upon one scientist each year who exhibits exemplary accomplishments in science and engineering.

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