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Mother with Child

School of Public Health receives federal grant to establish maternal and child health program

The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded a $350,000, 5-year grant to support the creation of the interdisciplinary program in maternal and child health at the school.

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Infographic: Pandemic Influenza (preparing for the next unknown)

Disease outbreaks, such as the H5N1 avian influenza, H1N1 influenza pandemic of 2009, and more recently the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, exposed the need for quick access to high-quality, life-saving vaccines and therapeutics, and the importance of reliable, U.S.-based vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities and expertise.

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Tuberculosis: Breaking the chain of transmission

New, rapid point-of-care TB test dramatically reduces the current delays in diagnosis with incredible accuracy, accelerating appropriate treatment and reducing the death rate of the highly infectious disease. Low-cost, easy-to-use test has the potential to eradicate TB.

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Vaccinating the world.

Infographic: What’s needed to end pandemics?

There have to be solutions in place to protect global public health from infectious disease. Microbes respect no national boundaries, political affiliations, or ethnicities. These challenges extend far beyond our national borders. The fight against ebola is far from over, but the world needs to be prepared for the next outbreak. So how do we do it?

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Infographic: Managing the next public health outbreak

Ebola is a stark reminder that an outbreak anywhere can be a risk everywhere. This is both the harsh reality and the shining truth, but more than just managing this outbreak, we must learn from it and vow to prevent the next one by overcoming social, scientific and economic barriers that inhibit effective public health preparedness and response.

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Great Rift Valley of Kenya

Center for Health Organization Transformation creating Strategy for Kenya Biomedical Industrial Park

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) funded CHOT will work with Ustawi Biomedical Research Innovation and Industrial Centers of Africa (UBRICA) on the project termed UBRICA ONE, which will be located on 4,000 acres in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.

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Trae Stewart, Ph.D.

Stewart named Fulbright Specialist

Trae Stewart, Ph.D. was chosen for the Fulbright Specialist Program by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education’s Council for International Exchange of Scholars.

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Dr. James Alexander receives the Founder’s Award

Alexander awarded Founder’s Award from Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals

James Alexander, Ph.D. received the Founder’s Award from the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) during their annual awards luncheon in Dallas earlier this month.

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Student bored in class

Want kids to pay attention in class? Give them standing desks

A study from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health finds students with standing desks are more attentive than their seated counterparts. In fact, preliminary results show 12 percent greater on-task engagement in classrooms with standing desks, which equates to an extra seven minutes per hour of engaged instruction time.

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