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Medicine professor honored with Bush Excellence Award for Public Service

Barbara Gastel, M.D., professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine and College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences recently received the Bush Excellence Award for Faculty in Public Service. Gastel has pioneered programs that teach science writing and editing to researchers and medical professionals in China, Mexico, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Ghana, and other developing and emerging countries.

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Center for Epigenetics and Disease Prevention receives Texas A&M Board of Regents stamp of approval

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents has officially approved establishment of the Texas A&M Center for Epigenetics and Disease Prevention as an organizational unit under the Texas A&M Health Science Center Institute of Biosciences and Technology. The formal recognition will play a large role in the two-year-old center’s future growth as it aims to develop treatments using naturally occurring compounds to prevent and manage diseases.

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Geriatric nurse caring for an older woman

Texas A&M Health Science Center partners with St. Joseph Health System to customize health and wellness care for seniors

New partnership will provide a forum for research to improve the unique health care techniques for aging populations and utilize a team approach to further the common mission of supporting the overall health and wellness of our community.

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4 Things you didn’t know about Meningitis

Most people are familiar with the telltale signs of meningitis – a headache and stiff neck – but little else. To brush up on our knowledge about this potentially deadly disease, we sat down with Dr. Cristie Columbus, who shares information about the different strains and people most at risk.

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Brie cheese

Fast Facts: Listeria 101

In the U.S., an estimated 1,600 people become seriously ill from listeria each year. This isn’t an everyday, household term – unless you are pregnant and avoiding foods that run a higher risk of contamination, so when a doctor or health official does bring up the disease, it is important to know the basics.

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Germ infested light switch

New method for cleaning hospital rooms could help stop the spread of ‘superbugs’

When a typical 100-bed hospital sees roughly 10-20 hospital-acquired infections a year it's no wonder "superbugs" like CRE or MRSA are top of mind. New study shows that manual disinfection combined with UV light can kill more than 90 percent of infection causing bacteria.

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photo of physician and patient looking at brain image

Women’s Health in Neuroscience Program fills a critical research gap

The need for more basic research on how neurological diseases differ in men and women is what prompted researchers from the Texas A&M College of Medicine to start the Women’s Health in Neuroscience program. The ultimate goal of the program is to learn how to exploit these differences to develop new therapies.

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Health Science Center offers new programs to increase the diversity of the health care workforce in Texas

College of Medicine and College of Nursing start new programs with the help of grants from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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Eating to your heart’s content: How the Mediterranean Diet can improve your heart health

The Mediterranean Diet is gaining traction for the plethora of health benefits it provides, including heart-health. Studies have shown that adhering the Mediterranean habits reduces the risk of cardiovascular events and strokes.

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