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Kayla Cline, M.S.

Cline wins CHOT student research poster competition

Kayla Cline, M.S., won the student research poster competition at a recent Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Attending to patient concerns is the essence of patient-centered medical care and can ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

Implementing Affordable Care Act mandated health risk assessments will stretch primary care providers beyond capacity

The Affordable Care Act established a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit that mandates the inclusion of routine health risk assessments (HRAs), but until recently little was known about the extent to which health care providers can routinely engage patients, and about the health risks and patient attitudes that will be uncovered.

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Forensic nursing

INFOGRAPHIC: What is forensic nursing?

Abuse victims need the assistance of health care professionals trained in trauma treatment such as sexual assault, partner violence, neglect, or other forms of intentional injury. By collecting evidence and providing testimony for use in a court of law, forensic nurses assist in the apprehension and prosecution of these criminals.

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Lesley E. Tomaszewski, Ph.D.

CHOT awarded NSF supplemental grant

Lesley E. Tomaszewski, Ph.D., has joined CHOT in this new position and will be assisting Bita Kash, Ph.D., M.B.A., FACHE, associate professor and director of CHOT, in industry engagement, research dissemination and center operational management.

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Orji awarded $10,000 International Peace Scholarship

Chinelo Orji receives the International Peace Scholarship from the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO).

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Jeffreys worked with local doctors screening and educating patients on the causes of their illnesses.

One-Health team improves the lives of people in Nicaragua

Students from Texas A&M University and University of California (UC) Davis travel to Nicaragua and had the opportunity to see firsthand “One Health” connections while helping to improve the lives of communities.

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Technology has proven to give the home health care industry a much-needed upgrade that is helping patients live healthier lives.

Technology drives advances in home health care

Camille Peres, Ph.D. measures the usability of current home health technology and developing new innovative technology to make home health care an even more beneficial service for all involved.

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Self-management of chronic diseases empowers people to make important health decisions, which fosters independence among adults.

The impact of age on chronic disease self-management

Regents and Distinguished Professor Marcia Ory, Ph.D. measures the health improvements of middle-aged and older adults following participation in a chronic disease self-management program.

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Graduate Student Master of Health Administration

Miller awarded National Association of Healthcare Executives Scholarship

Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health graduate student Keira Miller has been awarded the 2014 Florence Gaynor Award by the National Association of Healthcare Executives (NAHSE).

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