Researchers at Texas A&M pinpoint compound in broccoli and other vegetables that may help combat cancer

Our mothers told us to eat our vegetables: Now we know why

Researchers at Texas A&M pinpoint compound in broccoli and other vegetables that may help combat cancer

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doctor with patient

Innovative colorectal cancer screening program meets quality standards

New research from the Texas A&M Health Science Center indicates that colonoscopy in a family medicine residency met or exceeded recommended quality standards set forth by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and was therefore, comparable to those of specialists.

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Anti-HIV Condom

Nixing latex: Building the perfect condom with hydrogel, plant-based antioxidants

Texas A&M researcher sets out to create better condom—one that prevents HIV transmission and enhances sexual experience.

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The CDC estimates depression causes 200 million lost workdays each year at a cost to employers of at least $17 billion.

What are the effects of depression on work life?

With an estimated 18.8 million American adults (or 9.5 percent of the working population) experiencing depression each year, most people know someone who is depressed—if they are not suffering themselves. Mental illness can have a big impact on the way we work, and Texas A&M researchers want to know why.

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girl with headphones

Combating stage fright with music

The stage is set and the instruments are in place. Waiting in the wings, her heart is racing, her hands are trembling and her stomach is nauseous. It is show time. But, this isn’t a concert–it is a simulation. However, the anxiety experienced by some nursing students is similar to what musicians, actors, and athletes feel before playing a musical piece, reciting their lines or running a race.

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Dr. Xiaohua Liu

Regenerating bone: Injectable biomaterials may be on the horizon

Patients in need of dental implants often face a shared dilemma: lack of sufficient bone to support their implants. Current options to regenerate bone range from the invasive —

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Gloved hand holding up toy heart, background shows chemicals.

How do environmental toxins affect the heart?

What impact do environmental chemicals have on heart health? A new Texas A&M study seeks to find out, and in turn, help United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) make decisions on which chemicals to regulate and how.

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The future of medicine may lurk in our gut

Scientists from the Texas A&M College of Medicine are looking at how trillions of tiny creatures lurking in our gut, also known as microbiota, could treat a variety of diseases from arthritis to diabetes.

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X-ray of hands

Repairing bones with stem cells

When you break a bone, you get a cast and within a few months, your fracture heals. But what if you have a condition that impair bones' healing ability, such as the elderly, diabetic or osteoporotic? A team from engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine is using mesenchymal stem cells to heal bones faster and more effectively.

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