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You Asked: What’s the difference between anxiety and a panic attack?

We all become anxious or nervous from time to time–when studying for a big test, for instance, or when going through financial hardship. For some people, overwhelming thoughts and behaviors become so frequent and forceful that they begin to overtake their lives. How do you tell if your everyday anxiety has crossed the line or maybe even developed into a panic disorder?

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Black eye

Professor aids domestic abuse victims along Texas-Mexico border

It is traumatic for any woman to leave her abusive partner and go to a shelter with her children. For many of the women Dr. Nora Montalvo-Liendo sees, the situation is even more complex.

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Addressing public health abroad: Aggies team up to provide health services in Ecuador

This summer, an interdisciplinary group of Aggies - composed of students from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, College of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy - spent a week abroad providing basic health services to residents of Guamaní, Ecuador.

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Baby sleeps on mom's chest.

Breast milk or formula: What’s best for baby?

Parenting is no walk in the park, it’s filled with daily decisions – some large, some small - many of which can affect the well being of your child for years to come. One of the most important decisions new moms must make is what they will feed their new bundle of joy: breast milk or formula?

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Is it a food sensitivity or a life-threatening allergy?

Many people suffer from a food intolerance or sensitivity—meaning they may start to feel bad after eating a certain food, but they don’t have a life threatening reaction. How can you determine if you have a true allergy or a minor sensitivity?

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Alison Pittman researches obesity epidemic.

Fighting childhood obesity starts at home

To help better understand the cause of the growing obesity epidemic, Alison Pittman, M.S.N., RN, CPN, assistant professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing, shares a few lifestyle-based solutions that can have an impact well past childhood.

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Can my baby catch a virus before it’s born?

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a very common, usually innocuous, virus. In healthy individuals, it rarely causes symptoms. Symptoms may include fever, malaise, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and loss of appetite. However, when a baby is infected in utero, it’s called “congenital CMV,” and can cause significant problems such as hearing and vision loss and learning disabilities.

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Basics of a healthy lunch box

Outfit for the first day? Check. Backpack? Check. Lunch box? Check. A nutritious lunch to pack in that new lunch box? Oops. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. But with childhood obesity levels more than tripling in the last 30 years, packing a nutritious lunch is becoming more and more essential, says the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Nursing.

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Summer safety for kids

Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes warmer weather, outdoor fun, and more freedom for our children to move and be healthy. As the season approaches, it helps to be reminded of ways to keep our kids safe in the summer months.

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