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Fast Facts: Listeria 101

In the U.S., an estimated 1,600 people become seriously ill from listeria each year. This isn’t an everyday, household term – unless you are pregnant and avoiding foods that run a higher risk of contamination, so when a doctor or health official does bring up the disease, it is important to know the basics.

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New method for cleaning hospital rooms could help stop the spread of ‘superbugs’

When a typical 100-bed hospital sees roughly 10-20 hospital-acquired infections a year it's no wonder "superbugs" like CRE or MRSA are top of mind. New study shows that manual disinfection combined with UV light can kill more than 90 percent of infection causing bacteria.

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Women’s Health in Neuroscience Program fills a critical research gap

The need for more basic research on how neurological diseases differ in men and women is what prompted researchers from the Texas A&M College of Medicine to start the Women’s Health in Neuroscience program. The ultimate goal of the program is to learn how to exploit these differences to develop new therapies.

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Health Science Center offers new programs to increase the diversity of the health care workforce in Texas

College of Medicine and College of Nursing start new programs with the help of grants from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

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Health Science Center announces 2015 Commencement ceremonies, speakers

State and national healthcare leaders will address students graduating in medicine, nursing, public health, pharmacy and dentistry.

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Threadgill named Texas A&M University Distinguished Professor

David Threadgill, Ph.D., professor and holder of the Tom and Jean McMullin Chair of Genetics in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Medicine in the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and director of the Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society, has been appointed a University Distinguished Professor.

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New research may lead to better outcomes for children born with fetal alcohol syndrome

As few as one to two episodes of binge drinking in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome. The Texas A&M College of Medicine is participating in an international study that is trying to determine if it is possible to predict the severity of fetal alcohol syndrome in infants by studying a marker in the blood of the mother.

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The pressure is on: Disaster Day teaches students how to work together in an emergency

More than 400 students from colleges throughout the Texas A&M Health Science Center and Blinn College participated in the 2015 edition of Disaster Day, an annual exercise designed to give future health care professionals experience working together in an emergency.

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Finding the right match: Medical students learn where they will do their residencies

Fourth-year medical students from the Texas A&M College of Medicine recently found out where they will be doing their residencies – the next step on their path to becoming physicians. Soon-to-be graduates "matched" with some of the most prestigious residency programs in Texas and across the nation.

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