Low-cost TB test means quicker, more reliable diagnosis for patients

A new test for tuberculosis (TB) could dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis for one of the world’s deadliest diseases, enabling health care providers to report results to patients within minutes.

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Houston Methodist and Texas A&M join forces to enhance physician education and research innovation

Houston Methodist and Texas A&M Health Science Center are partnering to bring more innovative research and medical education to the state through new health professions degree programs in the Texas Medical Center.

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Dell partnership for health IT education

Dell and Texas A&M create health technology academy to bridge healthcare’s digital divide

Dell and Texas A&M Health Science Center are combining their expertise to ensure that the 21st Century health care workforce understands the value of health information technology and the role it plays in improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of healthcare.

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Awards & Honors

Griffith named Distinguished Alumnus of University of Texas-Medical Branch

William Griffith, Ph.D., was honored with the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award from University of Texas-Medical Branch.

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photo of bacteria

The fungus among us: How engineered baker’s yeast may crack the code for new treatments

Researchers are optimistic about new strategies to cure human ailments caused by fungal pathogens, thanks to a lab-engineered strain of simple baker’s yeast.

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photo of yogurt

Researchers probe healthy gut bacteria for new medical treatments

A Texas A&M Health Science Center researcher calls it the "12th Man of human health" - healthy gut bacteria could solve infectious diseases, cancer and more.

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Man eating pizza late at night on couch.

“Battle of the bulge” may be linked to body clock in immune cells

It’s all in the timing, according to Texas A&M researchers who have confirmed disruption of the internal biological clock plays a key role in the development of metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes.

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An elderly woman naps in a seated position

Older Americans can improve fragmented sleep

As Americans get older, their sleep becomes poorer, both in quality and quantity. Neurobiologist David Earnest has tips for supporting your two aging "sleep clocks."

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Aggie medical students, doctors join the legislative conversation

Thanks to an elective course in health care advocacy, the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine is preparing students from the medical school’s multiple campuses to serve as future health care leaders who will participate in the decision-making process that is shaping the future of our nation’s health care system.

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