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Girl running on the grass

Walk it off or go to physical therapy?

Aches and pains are a normal part of life, but are ice and rest enough? John Hubbard, Ph.D., P.T., associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine, gives suggestions on when to go to physical therapy and explains how it could get you back to the activities you love faster.

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Excessive alcohol consumption and effects on your body

Excessive alcohol and the long-term effects on your body

Although some forms of drinking have been proven to have positive effects on your health, excessive, heavy drinking can internally wreak havoc for the long-term.

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Different toothpastes displayed

Take the guesswork out of choosing toothpaste

You run out of toothpaste and find yourself once again in the aisle with dozens of options. Do you go with the brand you have been using since childhood? Maybe you pick one because the packaging catches your eye, or maybe you are more practical and are looking for something that you hope will prevent troubling mouth problems. Whatever your strategy, these tips will help you determine which toothpaste is best for you.

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Doctor talking to her male patient at office

Prostate cancer screening: It could save your life

Prostate cancer tops the list of cancers in men, second only to skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one out of seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, affecting more than 233,000 men each year and killing almost 30,000 annually. If caught early, prostate cancer is 90-95 percent curable, making screenings all the more important.

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roller coaster

Infographic: The basics of adult ADHD

Does your life feel like a roller-coaster? Eight million adults in the United States exhibit symptoms of ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder – but less than 20 percent are treated. This infographic will help you decipher what symptoms are normal and when you should consult your physician about treatment options.

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Physician in the front with a family out of focus in the background.

Great health starts with a great doctor (and a great patient)

Choosing a primary health care provider for yourself and your family is an important decision; after all, you’re trusting them with your life—literally. Patsy Sulak, M.D., provides pointers on where to start, what to look for and how to come prepared for your first appointment.

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Man with advice sign

6 things you should never buy used

In the age of the online swap-and-shop we’re all looking to save a few bucks when we can. Scouring websites like Craigslist, thrift shops and garage sales for gently used items is one way to consistently cut down on spending. However, not every used item is worth that penny saved.

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cup of coffee with sugar

You Asked: What is the healthiest sweetener?

Chances are, you’ve probably asked yourself what the healthiest sweetener is while trying to decide between Splenda and Equal, or if you’re more of an au naturel fan, with agave or honey. Whether you’re attempting to boost fat loss, maintain your current weight or simply make healthier lifestyle choices, cutting down on all forms of added sugar is essential.

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Those who floss, and those who just say they do

More than a quarter of all adults lie to their dentists about how much they floss, according to a recent survey from the American Academy of Periodontology. Now TAMBCD experts and health care partners weigh in on what’s fueling the trend and how to change the course of this provider-patient dialogue.

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