More questions than answers with ‘vaping’ craze

Sleek, tobacco free and with odorless vapors, are e-cigarettes the perfect drug? Are they safe?

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Dental student research trio prevails

Second-year dental students Heena Gupta, Ines Quintanilla and Trang Huynh — now dubbed the “three musketeers”— overcame more than a few obstacles to research a new method for preventing tooth decay.

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Pediatric dentistry residents provide care at home and abroad

Drs. Katie Egbert and Steven Hogan travel to Honduras with a local dental and medical mission, continuing a partnership more than a decade in the making.

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Outreach program inspires future dentists

Each year members of the Future Dentist Club visit the dental school campus as part of a program that introduces dental medicine as a potential career path.

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Guard against dental injuries

Dental injuries can easily be prevented with a simple piece of protective gear — a mouthguard.

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Heart medications: What you may not know about side effects in the mouth

For individuals living with cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure and cholesterol, consistent use of heart medications can be a literal life saver, but they can also cause uncomfortable side effects in the mouth.

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A woman holding a test tube in front of her face.

There’s something in the saliva

Research in dentistry could introduce an oral cancer saliva test in the future while reducing the test’s risk of false positive results.

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Going natural on dental products?

Brushing with toothpaste containing grapefruit seed and licorice root extracts may sound idyllic, but going natural isn’t necessarily better if you haven’t done your research.

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Findings about titanium durability lead to more questions, research

Patients faced with the decision of whether dental implants are right for them may have a few more things to consider.

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