Orji awarded $10,000 International Peace Scholarship

Chinelo Orji receives the International Peace Scholarship from the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO).

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Jeffreys worked with local doctors screening and educating patients on the causes of their illnesses.

One-Health team improves the lives of people in Nicaragua

Students from Texas A&M University and University of California (UC) Davis travel to Nicaragua and had the opportunity to see firsthand “One Health” connections while helping to improve the lives of communities.

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This six-week experience will serve as the culmination of an experience that will give students a glimpse of the other side of drug addiction, the illicit use of both prescription and street drugs. This is a unique pharmacy program offered to very few professional students and will allow for a niche in their education and pharmacy practice opportunities.

Texas A&M pharmacy offers specialized rotation in drug addiction

The Texas A&M Rangel College of Pharmacy offers an elective to students in substance abuse Advance Pharmacy Practice Experiential (APPE) rotations at the South Texas Substance Abuse Recovery Services (STSARS) in Corpus Christi as an option for professional student pharmacists who are interested in treating addictions.

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Photo of a pharmacist handing a patient medication

Are you making the most out of your pharmacy?

Your pharmacist is more than someone in a white lab-coat at your local drug store; they possess an intimate knowledge of pharmacology and can help you make the most of your treatment plan. Finding the right pharmacy for you can help you gain more control over your treatment and care.

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Technology has proven to give the home health care industry a much-needed upgrade that is helping patients live healthier lives.

Technology drives advances in home health care

Camille Peres, Ph.D. measures the usability of current home health technology and developing new innovative technology to make home health care an even more beneficial service for all involved.

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